Why Hydeson School?

Who we are

Opened in 2013 with a unique design to serve the needs of today’s children, Hydeson School located at Legon Hills near Nana Krom is where children enjoy a clean campus with educational programs serving children from birth through age eleven.

At Hydeson School, our experienced and dedicated staff helps the child develop an awareness of himself and the world around him. Our students enjoy learning about nature, exploring music, developing their dexterity and coordination through physical activity and exercising their creativity through experiences in art.

The child learns and grows in an atmosphere of balanced independence and structure, therefore, children are exposed to the most current and progressive teaching methods in an authentic Montessori classroom.

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Why Choose us?

HYDESON SCHOOL is a private school for Alyssa Babies (3months to 1year), Daisy Creche, Nursery, Kindergarten to Grade 6. We are accredited by the Ghana Educational Service. In addition to the sound Christ values we instill in our children, we train them to live our core values which are

  1. Awareness
  2. Independence
  3. Responsibility
  4. Respect

Literacy, Numeracy, and Creativity are the keys to educational, intellectual freedom and meaningful contribution to our world. We emphasize balanced growth – intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially for each of our pupils.

Parents Testimonials

We observe and guide each child to their fullest potential.

P. O. Box 1746, Hydeson Street
Legon Hills, Accra

+233 508201501
+233 231625289