Message from the Proprietress


Welcome to Hydeson School

We are indeed privileged to be in a position to make a contribution towards the intellectual and social development of children in our nation Ghana.

It is our duty to ensure that children who are entrusted to us by parents are sound, fit and academically imparted for excellence. This school was built on the premise of giving excellent education and moral values. It is the right place for your ward to study!

We welcome all stakeholders, i.e. the government, parents, pupils, well-wishers to cooperate with us in this endeavor. Our commitment to delivery has no bounds.


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Gladys Araba Forson


Patrick Agbomadzi


Our Chairwoman

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  • Director of Asda Early Learning and Development Centre
  • Retired Home Economics Teacher
  • Taught in several Secondary schools and Training Colleges
  • Worked at Ghana Education Service Headquarters as the Curriculum Research and Development Division Coordinator for Basic Education at the Ministry of Education



  • Past member of National Population Council
  • Past Chairperson of Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE Gh. CHAPTER)
  •  Past Headmistress of Victory Presbyterian Church School
  • Past Board Chairperson of Presbyterian Women’s Centre, Abokobi
  • Past Presbyterian / Session Clerk
  • Past Director of Education, Fafraha District

Thus Spoke the Parents

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Kojo’s  reading has improved dramatically since we enrolled him at Hydeson School. The teachers are welcoming too.

- Auntie Johanna

My Child started Hydeson School from when she was eight months old. Now she’s all grown up and very active and smart.

- Gifty Osei